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Intelligence Test 2022

Discover your IQ and find out your strongest area of intelligence.

It is essential to know your IQ and what area of intelligence you have to work on in order to achieve growth both in the workplace and in your personal life. This will allow you to be able to detect the areas you naturally dominate and which areas you should work on in the future.

Only 9% of the population answer all questions correctly, do you dare to try it? Start! >>

IQ regular distribution

This new 2022 intelligence test will allow you just that, in addition to measuring your cognitive abilities. You only have to answer the logical, numerical and verbal questions in order to receive a personalized study with your IQ and your type of intelligence via email.

What will you achieve with this test?

  • Discover your IQ.
  • Make a diagnosis about your intelligence compared with that of the people around you (men, women, ages, countries …)
  • Identify your personality type based on the results.
  • Obtain constructive criticism regarding which areas to work on in the future.

IQ regular distribution versus Genius of the history

The IQ is a test to approximate the degree of intelligence of an individual. The “normal” intelligence is an IQ of 100. 68% of the population has an IQ between 85 and 115.

The gifted have an IQ greater than 115. What is yours?.

Discover your IQ with the new intelligence test 2022. It can be calculated for an individual of any age, and compare their results along with others in their age group.

There are several forms of intelligence: logic, verbal ease, numerical reasoning, musical or spatial intelligence among others. Some of these forms of intelligence are closely related to each other, such as numerical intelligence and logic.